Wild Dandelion Flowers Mead

በዳንደሊዮን አበባ ጠጅ

Throughout history, the whole plant of dandelion have had a reputation as being effective in promoting health. Dandelion greens are also very nutritious. Both the greens and the roots are also useful in treating liver, gallbladder, kidney conditions and much more.

But in my neck of the woods nothing says,“Spring is here! Yay!” like the presence of wild dandelion flowers on the ground. These little yellow gems transform any humble tej ጠጅ to an exotic one.

Just a glimpse of a yellow dandelion flowers poking its head through the debris of last year’s leaves and fallen branches is a sight to behold at springtime and a reminder of seasonal tej - ጠጅ honey mead brewing.

That’s especially true when considering the endurance-running winter that has hovered over us this year.  As usual, every spring knowing that they won’t stay for long, I set out to pick those wild, delicate yellow dandelions flowers carefully to add to the already aged tej, wait for a couple of weeks patiently and there I would have a floral and clean tej, reminiscent of white wine, but with more pronounce flavor.




PS: We ain't talking about getting too happy here. "Moderate drinking," as defined by the U.S. Department of agriculture is no more than one drink per day for women and no more than two drinks per day for men. 


Drying dandelion flowers for later use.

I think I got a little bit too happy picking those wild dandelion flowers and got more than needed for now. When you got your food hydrator by your side more is not a problem.


You can dry any food from fruits to beef and kept it in a sealed container handy dandy to be used at your convenience. I have never tried it myself, but heard that dried dandelion flowers make a good tea. 

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