Korerima Mead - ኮረሪማ ጠጅ honey mead. 

Korerima pods and seeds.



ኮረሪማ - Korerima is an indigenous spice to Ethiopia closely related to coriander spice, but not one. 


History books indicates that korerima once had been used as a currency for exchanging goods. Still korerima is a bit pricy and deserving so.


Korerima has more intense fragrant aroma, which needs attention that you would not leave powder korerima out for long and expect to get that festive aroma. Yeah, you got to make sure to crack or grind a small amount for immediate use.


Korerima is a spice born with a star quality to enhance the flavor of any food without overwhelming it. Korerima is like that one significant other that we the Eve species would wish to read our minds and be all and be there whenever - whatever [eventhough, a wishful thinking left the counterpart (Adam species) with scratching their heads]?


So, I came up with the idea of flavoring a batch of tej [aged about a little over three months]; a good chance to try my hand at korerima to see if it would deliver its star power with my tej. Guess what? I have created a delightful metheglin - ኮረሪማ ጠጅ - Korerima tej - Ethiopians style honey mead], which is warm, medium body and very light greenish amber hue and finishes smooth with gentle sweetness.


So - now, what is a woman to do, when she got her wish of 'mind reading' from the least expected source? She would definitely break into her happy dance and call the immortal luscious metheglin korerima tej, "Thou Art a drink fit for the gods"  and know in her heart of hearts that it wouldn't be an overstatement.




PS: We ain't talking about getting too happy here. "Moderate drinking," as defined by the U.S. Department of agriculture is no more than one drink per day for women and no more than two drinks per day for men. 

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