Hibiscus flowers mead  ሒበስከስ አበባ ጠጅ  

The large exotic flower of the Tropical Hibiscus flowers comes in colors of red, yellow, peach, pink, and white and only last for one day on the stem, but when dried and stored properly they keep considerably longer .

The bright colored blooms are typically dried for use in making teas and other beverages, including alcoholic cocktails.

People also sprinkle the dried flowers into soups and custards for more exotic cooking.

It can be mixed into bread dough before baking.

If I know my liqueurs’ well, this hibiscus flowers mead  ሒበስከስ አበባ ጠጅ has turned out to be almost equivalent to the stature of similar to that of whiskys or cognac, which makes it a perfect pair for tire siga (ጥረ ስጋ)


On the other hand, with that pronounce flavor of flower-ish nuance of the hibiscus, you would feel that you’re drinking your flower. How nice.


ነገርን ነገር ያነሳዋልና - Now, this love of flowers of mine has triggered some emotions and took me to another topic namely - "What’s up with most Habesha men, that they are reluctant to bring flower to their women.


I can say this for most Habesha women of my generation, that we love our Habesha men to death and appreciate for showing up at our door steps with the generous gift of foods and drinks.

For crying out loud, stop being so practical like a father or a brother for once, and bring the poor Habesha woman some flowers.

God forbids, you got those flowers from the grocery stores. Just go to the flower boutique on the corner. They will make one just for a couple of bucks more.


Trust me on this one. You will notice the appreciation in the morning, when you see that breakfast served on the bed.

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