Fresh Turmeric Roots Mead (Honey wine)

የጥሬ እርድ ጠጅ  

As we all know, Ms. Turmeric (powder) arguably the most powerful herb on this planet called Earth at fighting and potentially reversing some ailments is been in the limelight as a celebrity spice for quite a while now.

A couple years ago, I started using the fresh turmeric roots in some Asian/Ethiopian style cooking once in a while, but nothing like the powder.

Then one blessed day, I made a very light fresh turmeric roots tea and got hooked to its soothing effect and I said to myself “Holy Moly here is The Balm in Gilead” – the healer in the Bible. 

Fresh Turmeric Roots  ጥሬ እርድ 

As usual, I was reluctant to invite Ms. Turmeric to one of my tej tasting sessions for concern of her clingy attitude that once she touched your hand, it’s hard to let go of that yellow bright color.

But eventually I succumbed to Ms. Turmeric’s (fresh roots) charm and there we go.

What distinguished fresh turmeric roots from other tej flavoring agents and I have used about more that a dozen, was the fizz that bubbled up when I cracked open the fermenting carboy? 

There are of course lots of different ways to make a sparkling or champagne style mead, but little did I know that ጥሬ እርድ fresh turmeric roots would have that effect. 

I am not saying that የጥሬ እርድ ጠጅ - Fresh Turmeric roots Tej  Honey Mead would replace my champagne any time soon, but it would be a good alternative when I want to save my champagne for special occasions.

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