Coffee Mead የቡና ጠጅ 

I love coffee. I grew up in southern part of Ethiopia (Jimma) where coffee plants were everywhere. Then the region was called Kefa, which people still to this day believe that coffee is named after the region name (Kefa – coffee) and that the origin of coffee is thought to have been Ethiopia.


The way this coffee tej turned out was not a surprise to me, since growing up coffee was a primary choice of homebrewers in flavoring tej next to ginger.


During the the tej tasting sessions the coffee and the ginger flavored tej - ጠጅ were a tie among men in general and a few ladies.


Coffee flavored tej is easy and forgiving that you can concentrate the flavor without concentrating the bitterness. It is full-bodied, rich and creamy, plus you will not taste the coffee. Because it is subtle, it allows the food to shine as well; the reason it has won my heart and taste buds over the other flavored tej and makes great for any occasion.


It’s my humble assumption that most of the time we put food into our entry port – the mouth, like 3 times a day – 24/7 not because out body needs it, but for pleasure. Research suggests that eating your favorite foods make your brain release endorphins to elevate your mood giving way to pleasure. In lieu of eating just because, we need to think in line with “Less is More” mentality meaning we need to start mindful dining experience. One way of doing that is by pairing your dish with the right beverage.

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