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Mead/honey wine (TEJ - ጠጅ) is a great tasting drink made from fermented honey. The first encounter of tej to many people might be as just an intoxicating sweet beverage. Au contraire, tej is not always a sweet beverage, but comes in a dazzling array of styles including sweet tej, be dry to the bone or fruity - melomel or spiced – metheglin; and also it’s possible to make it less or more alcoholic.


Just to mention that the alcohol content of all this flavored tej was 9% to 10% alcohol by volume (ABV), which was in between your regular store bought beer about 5% (ABV) and wine about 12% (ABV).


That being said, tej is going to taste different to everyone, but the one constant in tej should be the taste of fermented honey. Depending on the varietal use of the flavoring agents', any number of  subtleties may impart in the final tej tasting profile.


These tej tasting ጠጅ ቅምሻ events brought back happy memories of my childhood. I come from a generation of fantastic home-brewers. My mom, my aunties and some other ladies had used to come together for tej taste. It was always before a wedding parties. So I have followed suit and did it not exactly the same way but similar.

The beauty of home-brewing has unleashed my creativity in exploring into different tej flavoring nuance to make something that give such joy to myself and to my guests as well.


I set out to tej testing sessions with different groups of family and friends. The first one was all ladies and we had to taste not one, but four different flavored tej plus the regular unflavored tej. We also had to use a few more small glasses to taste each flavored tej that we have lost count. We had a blast and guess what? The berries and flower flavored tej - የእንጆሪና የአበባ ጠጅ was hands down winner with the ladies.


During the other tej tasting sessions the coffee flavered tej and the ginger flavored tej - ጠጅ were a tie among men in general and a few ladies. 

It’s my humble assumption that most of the time we put food into our entry port – the mouth, like 3 times a day – 24/7 not because out body needs it, but for pleasure. Multiple researchs suggested that eating your favorite foods make your brain release endorphins to elevate your mood giving way to pleasure. In lieu of eating just because, we need to think in line with “Less is More” mentality meaning we need to start mindful dining experience. One way of doing that is by pairing your dish with the right beverage.


The appetizer served at the first tej tasting session was a savory danish braid, which was filled with homemade cottage cheese and Collard green - Ethiopian style (አይብ በጎመን). Blanketed with rich flaky pastry, this homemade tangy cottage cheese bliss coupled with the fresh-earthy green goodness paired well with all the tej flavors and gave more reason to sip the different flavored tej after every cheesy goodness bite.   

Infusing mead with flowers, herbs, dry fruits and spices.


I have been happily brewing ever since I have been betten by the brewing bug.


How happy?


Just happy as the classic, “You don't look your age!” compliment.

Brewing tella is not for the faint-hearted!    













ጠላ መጥመቅ ዋዛ አይደለም!



You are responsible for your own happiness!


Look inward!


Make your guts your best friend and make peace with those apparent knots and contractions in your guts, which feel like uneasiness and uncertainty. They're life gifts to process traumas into clarity just like a bridge in understanding your intelligence and strength.


Your partner is not responsible for your happiness!

Baking Ethiopian style savory danish pastries  

Home Brew - ቤት የተጠመቀ




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