Being Herbalist/Healer  


According to Amharic dictionary herbalist is ስር-ማሽ/ባህላዊ 

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I use herbs, spices, natural fats and other natural substances to promote well-being by inspiring others to be aware of their mental and physical health.  


That being said, a few narratives come to mind on how and why I have became interested in the alternative rather than mainstream cures. But a fervent will to be in charge of one's own wellbeing stood out the most.


One bright sunny day, some 15 years ago, a visit to a doctor has sealed that faith for me.


It's a well-known fact that when your doctor doesn’t make any sense, you change your doctor! 


"Desperate moments call for desperate measures; right?"


So, I decided to be my own doctor. 


In hindsight, it was indeed the right decision for me.


Please note that, this short narrative by no means to be interpreted as against doctor visit or taking medicine, but only as relating to what worked for me. 


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Almond shortbread is just one of those melt in your mouth goodness simple deserts that I always dreaded to make, becasue of the impulse to finish the batch by myself.

What is more elating than print your own labels and slap them on your first home-brew wine bottles?



Looking for a wine to share with your granny? This is not the wine.


With just a glass of this cherry wine, you would be in a transport of delight.



Looking for Approval or Love?


Look inward!


Make your guts your best friend and make peace with those apparent knots and contractions in your guts, which feel like uneasiness and uncertainty. They're life gifts to process traumas into clarity just like a bridge in understanding your intelligence and strength.


Your partner is not responsible for your happiness!

An old-age remedy comes back as a pack

Blood Purifier

Liver Health

Lymphatic Cleanse

Pain Relief

Joint Health

Back & Waist pain Relief

Menstrual Cramps Relief

Stomach Ach Relief

Gas & Bloating Relief

Energy Booster

Mind Clarity

Better mood

To my fellow Ethiopians!    For all of you carnivors out there! 

የምንወዳቸው አንዳንድ ምርጥ የባሕል መግቦች


The delicacies shown on the display below are raw beef ጥሬ ስጋ, which is also an acquired taste.


I have an excellent different type of dewormers, which you might need to consider trying, if you happen to enjoy these acquired taste delicacies’ like myself.


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