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እንኳን በሰላም ወደ ኦንላይን ገበያ መጣችሁ!

In order to maintain superior quality and freshness - the herbal tinctures, extracts, and capsules are done on a demand basis.  

I do not keep a huge stock pile to stale and also lose their potency over time by sitting on a retail shelf.

I will continue to keep the products reliable, affordable and effective!

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The expected delivery time is 5-10 business days. 

PS: Some herbal remedies take more time than others to prepare and ship

All the natural herbal remedies, cleanse and detox products in this website are made to enhance the body’s ability to bring balance and order, strengthen your immune system, so your body would be better equipped to mend and repair itself against any ailment that comes its way.  

For symptoms of bladder infections like acute lower back pain, frequent urination caused by irritation of bladder 

375% more protein than tofu. 
2300% more iron than spinach.
3900% more beta carotene than carrots.
300% more calcium than whole milk.

The safest and most effective nature's gentle answer to constipation. Unlike most laxatives Cascara Sagrada is not habit forming 

The Royal Flush

Blood Purifier

Liver Health

Energy Booster

Mental Clarity

Weight Loss

Pain Relief

Allergy Relief

Better mood

Skin completion 

Blood Purifier

Liver Health

Lymphatic Cleanse

Pain Relief

Joint Health

Back & Waist pain Relief

Menstrual Cramps Relief

Gas & bloating Relief 

Stomach Ach Relief 

Acid reflux Relief 

Kill parasites

Kill parasite eggs

Blood Purifier

Colon Health

Energy Booster

 Mental Clarity

Weight Loss

I use herbs, spices, natural fats and other natural substances to promote well-being by inspiring others to be aware of their mental and physical health.  


That being said, a few narratives come to mind on how and why I have become interested in the alternative rather than mainstream cures. 




ይህ የምታነቡት ጽሁፍም ሆነ የቀረበላችሁ የተለመዶ የዕፅዋት መፍትሄዎች (herbal remedies) ሌላዎቹም (cleanse & detox products) የሰውነት ጽዳት ለግል እውቀትና ለማስገነዘብ እንጂ ህክምናን ለመተካት እንዳልሆነና፡ አሜሪካን የምግብና የመድሐኒት  አስተዳደር (Food & Drug Administration of America) ያልተመረመረ (not evaluated) መሆኑን እናሰገነዝባለን። የሚያማችሁ ነገር ቢኖር፡ የአሜሪካን የምግብና የመድሐኒት አስተዳደር ለሃኪም እንድታማክሩ ብቻ የሚደግፍ ህግ አላቸው። በዚህ ምክንያት ይህንን ያቀረበንላችሁን ጽሁፍም ሆነ ሐርባልና (herbal remedies) ሌላዎቹመም እቃዎች እራሳችሁ ሃላፊነት ወስዳችሁ እንደምታደርጉ እንድታውቁ እያስገነዘብን፡ ሃላፊነታቸንን እናወርዳለን።




All the articles, protocols and herbal products on this website are provided for educational purposes only. It should not be used as replacement for medical expert advice. They have not been evaluated by FDA - Food and Drug Administration of America. FDA regulations state that you must consult a medical doctor for any disease. 

We are not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any of the suggestions, preparations or procedures. Always seek the advice of your qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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