Order Gourmet Injera (ጎርሜ እንጀራ) 

In order to maintain superior quality and freshness, the gourmet injeras are baked on a demand basis.  

I do not keep a huge stock pile to stale and also lose freshnes over time by sitting on a retail shelf.

I will continue to keep the gourmet injeras fresh, affordable and tasty!

Gourmet Injera  ጎርሜ እንጀራ  

100% Ivory/ Brown teff injera የጤፍ እንጀራ 

100% barley injera  የገብስ እንጀራ 

Mixed injera 25% whole grain flour with 75% teff flour 

ቅይጥ እንጀራ

A friendly reminder !

Please note that ordering more injeras would be a saving on the shipping cost. These gourmet injeras can keep well over months in the freezer without losing their freshness or nutrients. 

As shown on the display, It's also easy to separate the injeras while in the freezer by just  inserting the tip of a knife with out breaking the injera.

Baking Gourmet Injera        ጎርሜ እንጀራ 


The aroma of fresh baked injera has that feeling of being home.

Thus the saying, "Home is not a place…it’s a feeling".


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Baking Injera እንጀራ

Since there is no substitute for practice and experience, please don't expect a perfect injera at your first attempt.

"Prictice Makes Perfect"

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