Baking Himbasha or Hambasha  ሐምባሻ አሰራር

It tastes great plain but, embellishing it with organic coconut flour, organic milk and a hint of nutmeg takes it to the levels of pure perfection.

Baking coconut hambasha የኮኮናት ሐምባሻ አሰራር

Hambasha – the delightful Ethiopian traditional flatbread adorned with designs that rises to every occasion.


Imagine a dish so versatile that you can serve it as a simple snack or breakfast to a perfect side dish at a special occasion party.


Hambasha, the classic Tigrian traditional flatbread does all that and more, but for me nothing comes close to dunking hambasha in sweet tea.

የስንዴ ሐምባሻ አሰራር Baking whole wheat Hambasha

የገብስ ሓበሻ ድፎ ዳቦ አገጋገር

Classic comfort food extraordinair!


Its rustic, savory, tangy distinctive flavor bliss was enhanced by the infused aroma of the enset leaves as well as by the mild sour nuance of the wild yeast - እርሾ.

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