Boozy yeasted Barley  Pancake  የገብስ ቂጣ

What’s a better way to say so long to summer than baking these boozy yeasted barley pancakes with peaches and whiskey?

Here's a bit of a twist to the usual pan cake recipe, which I couldn’t come up with a name for this traditional Ethiopian baking that do justice.


I settled for (የገብስ ቂጣ), but you can call it anything you want. It involves over night leavening for that tangy distinctive flavor.


No baking soda or baking powder added, Just wild yeast with a hint of commercial yeast.


I used all barley flour, butter milk, butter and eggs.


I fried the peach in butter, a hint of nutmeg and bishop’s weed seed or ajwan (ነጭ አዝሙድ) and topped it with whiskey and applied flambe.

As shown above, flambé is French for "flaming”.


The food is topped with a liquor, usually brandy, cognac, whiskey or rum and lit a fire. The volatile alcohol vapor burns with a blue tint, leaving behind the faint flavor of the liqueur.


I still suggest not to be skimpy on the butter.


Bon appetite!

On your balcony!


On a sunny Sunday morning!


Serving fresh out of the oven croissant ክሮሳንት with some  tea or coffee!



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