White Wine - Chardonnay - Home brewed

ነጣ ያለ የወይን ጠጅ - ቤት የተጠመቀ የወይን ጠጅ

What is more elating than printing your own labels and slap them on your first home-brew wine bottles? Priceless!



This white wine- Chardonny has been aging for more than a year and was ready for bottling. 


While bottling the wine, the aroma of this fresh floral, citrusy, fruity and earthy scented white wine filled the house.


It came out crisp, fruity and not too sweet, but just right. It's easy drinking wine.


As shown below on display, I used can grape juice concentrate to make this white wine - Chardonnay (ነጣ ያለ የወይን ጠጅ).


I like this white wine, but to make a comparison and for the sake of the process, I think when grapes are in season, I might make white wine from fresh grapes.

The proper washing, sanitizing and drying of all your fermenting and bottling equipment is part of and parcel of home-brewing.

A little mishap; you end up with a batch of spoiled brew, which is no fun at all. 

Applying cork on the bottles using floor corker, shrink wraps using heat gun and finish it with labels.

Looking for a wine to share with your granny? This is not the wine.


With just a glass of this cherry wine, you would be in a transport of delight.



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