Sangria - My way (ጠጅ ) Mead Sangria

One of the joys of summer is seeing ample supply of fruits everywhere and in my mind cherries proclaim summer louder than any other fruits. So this year I decided to complement a favor to one of my favorite stone fruit cherry by inviting for tej tasting, which made the guest of honor in this case Mr. cherry happy.


I left the pitted cherries to booze overnight; a bit into those happy pitted and boozed cherries, you would catch the happiness alright. Boy, these happy cherries are good in spreading the joy. I think I could do this all summer. 


So, in my effort to maximize the joy, I made sangria and also baked those happy drunkard cherries. No sugar added to the pie just honey. You can dress up the pie by a simple tej syrup or honey whipped cream. The out come was so summery delish.


Sangria is a beverage originally from Spain and Portugal. Sangria is named after the Spanish and Portuguese word for "blood" because of its typical dark-red color. Actually it’s made with red wine and with fruits. People add sweetener and also a shot of liqueur to give it a kick. But I decided to use one of my favorite flavored tej – Ethiopian style honey mead – (berries and flowers mead) and I am thrilled with the outcome. It went very well with the cherry that it added more pizzazz to the color and also enhanced the nuance.


Happy summer y'all!

Boozy cherry lattice pies.

Boozy 4 berries lattice pies.

What is more elating than print your own labels and slap them on your first home-brew wine bottles?



Boozy Fruit Lattice Pies

The joys of summer! Seeing ample supply of fruits everywhere! 


I have been happily brewing ever since I have been betten by the brewing bug.


How happy?


Happier than the classic, “You don't look your age!” compliment.



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