Shimbra Asa - ሽምብራ ዓሳ  እንደ ዳቦ ቆሎ Chickpea (Garbanzo beans) dumplings.

Dabo kolo - ዳቦ ቆሎ comes back puffed and fancied up. Usually dabo kolo [toasted flour dough] is made of grains flour, but this dabo kolo has ommited the grains and gone with beans and potatoes.

I used mashed boiled chickpea for freshness, chickpea flour [gram flour] and mashed potato. I baked them and drizzled olive oil on the dumplings. They were as good as the fried ones.

Add honey to the dough and bake this gluten free dumplings and enjoy them as cereal. Just pour some milk and breakfast is served.

As we all know that It’s well commendable to pray, meditate, yoga, Krishna, the Rosary, Salah . . . you name it, but if you’re out of luck and time; nothing would take you prunto to that desired place of ‘happy’ like good ol’ spritz. Some facts of life. In this case straight unflavored tej ጠጅ (ጌሾና ማር) – Ethiopian style honey mead.

Now – we’re talking about a glass or two, but if you need more than that, word of wisdom is that you call your doctor or even better your shrink. In any way, your doctor would probably  prescribe you pills called medicine, and if you google some of the ingredients in you pills, you will be surprised to find out that mostly some of the ingredients are under a fancy name for narcotics. What I am trying to say here is life is short and choose to be happy!

Definitely, these scrumptious dumplings are fluffy and not heavy owing to their potato filling. Simple, but elegant and good to snack on with your afternoon tea or goes blissfully well with your favorite spritzes. In this case regular unflavored tej – Ethiopian style honey mead, and also with your favorite herbal tea.

The traditional way of using chickpea dumplings is in spicy stew - ሺምብራ አሳ ወጥ

The traditional way of using these perfectly seasoned garbanzo dumpling is in stew (shimbra asa wot) ሺምብራ አሳ ወጥ.


The flavor of these spicy legume stew on display is enhanced by the caramelized onions plus all the different exotic spices and chili powder (berbere) በርበሬ deglaze with tej - ጠጅ Ethiopian style honey mead


As a result, they are loaded and more complex, making you beg for seconds.

Definitely these scrumptious dumplings are fluffy and not heavy owing to their filling. This is a dish you cook, when you want to impress. My friend, this might even impress the in-laws አማትና ምራት.


Traditionally, this dish is served during those long days of lent. Actually, in order to relieve the monotony of the vegan diet, many exotic traditional vegetarian dishes were served. Each matron would try and outdo the other with the diversity of her spread.


Though, time consuming and detail oriented, I suspect that shimbra asa - ሽምብራ ዓሳ ወጥ (chickpeas dumplings marinate in exotic spicy berbere sauce) might be created by a desperate matron to that end, which the name even implies - chcikpea fish. This dish is considered as delicacy and secured the front seat.

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