ቋንጣና ጭኮ   Quwanta & Chiko 

Decadent Ethiopian style  appetizers combo 

You'll definitely have your way to anybody's heart - man, woman, your dog and cat. 


It is not that complicated!


Ladies, do you want your man's attention once in a while?


Serve him some quwanta and chiko  ቋንጣና ጭኮ with his favorite wine or liquor and watch his eyes practically popped out of his head, second only to seeing you nude. 


Preparing Ethiopian style beef jerky. Quwanta ቋንጣ 

As shown below, I used sirloin steak beef.


Not to complicate the beef flavor, I seasoned it with salt and pepper and also applied mead - tej by occasionally spritzing directly on the meat while on the food dehydrator, instead of mapping or marinating.


It turned out salty-savory-sweet, [melts in your mouth goodness] enough to entice the sophisticated palate.


Growing up, I remember that we always had quwanta around the house and that the beef was left on open air to dry. It came out perfect, every time, then.


But I used a food dehydrator and pronto - only took 24 hours to be ready.

ጭኮ (Chiko)-Buttery-silky mouth full of joy snack.

ጭኮ - Another buttery-silky, barley goodness mouth full of joy snack from my humble kitchen, which doesn’t involve cooking.


All you need is mix melted clarified butter (ghee) with toasted barley flour (በሶ ዱቄት), shove it in the freezer for 10 minute and you got yourself (ጭኮ).


It is easy, fast, rich and fulfilling snack that has a power to chase any blues away for a while caused by achy ego. Of course, not a cure, but never understimate the redemptive power of butter.

Not the time to be skimpy on the butter, worry about your cholesterol or clogged artery.


The ratio is equal part butter to flour to make chiko  (ጭኮ). And no water is added, what so ever. 


And diets, what diet? Just saying!


Bon appetite!

On your balcony!


On a sunny Sunday morning!


Serving fresh out of the oven croissant ክሮሳንት with some  tea or coffee!

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