Katenga -ቃተኛ  

Comfort food extraordinaire; spicy, buttery, goodness snack or Breakfast  

A tej tasters paradise 

ጠጀ ቀማሾች ገነት 

As I have grown older [60 something], I’ve learned that pleasing myself is a piece of cake.  Seemingly humble things like after my 3 miles early morning jogging routine [which takes about less than an hour], taking a shower and going back to sleep is one. The euphoria is not only emotional, but physical rejuvenation.

I understand that the feeling of euphoria after any strenuous exercise is explained as an effort of the brain releases endorphins [happy hormone (neurotransmitter) or referred as the body’s natural painkiller] to minimize the discomfort of exercise and block the feeling of pain during exercise. I got that, but what mystified me the most was that during sleep, same feeling of euphoria continued and doubled up zillion times [felt that way].

Word of wisdom, if you have to go somewhere don’t forget to set the alarm clock. By the way jogging is as much mental as it’s physical.

Another happy moment is an occasional indulgence in one of my all-time favorite comfort food (Kategna - ቃተኛ), not only about the food, but equally about my happy childhood memories.  

So this’s not the time to hold back, count calories or worry about cholesterol or even your heart. It's also strictly forbidden to think about diets, just indulge in this spicy, buttery goodness snack (kategna - ቃተኛ) and your soul will love you for it.

Oh! One more thing, tej (ጠጅ) Ethiopian style honey mead or better yet berries and flowers flavored tej is the perfect pair for this dish, but if you don't have tej (ጠጅ) , please pair this rich spicy snack with light white wines like Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc or bubbly wines. Rosé is also perfect. Stay away from sweet wines as it might dilute your digestive juices.


Ingredients to make kategna - ቃተኛ

Clarified butter - ghee (the more the merrier!)

Berbere spice

Mitimita spice

Fresh injera out of the pan.

Mix melted clarified butter and spices together and spread it on the injera. Fast and easy. Voila!


Bon Appetite!

የመሥቀል ጤፍ እንጀራ ቃተኛ - Ivory maskal teff injera katenga 

የገብስ እንጀራ ቃተኛ - Barley injera katenga 

የመሥቀል ጤፍ እንጀራ ቃተኛ - Brown maskal teff injera katenga 



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