Making ice-cream at home

Vanilla ice-cream 

I made the ice cream by sweeten the heavy cream and egg mixture [involves cooking and cooling it down before poring the cream into the ice cream maker] with a little honey [no sugar] and flavored it with vanilla and a few drops of almond extract. Just simple and delicious!

Ginger flavored Ice Cream

Just a slice of ginger goes a long way. This home-made ice cream got just enough ginger flavor to be noticeable and mellow enough, but not overpowering. It’s perfect. I’d also serve it with anything where ginger could be a complementary flavor, apple pie, pancakes or with a fruit compote.

It surely makes a dessert more memorable than the standard vanilla. 

I sweeten the heavy cream with a little honey and no egg [no sugar]. Just simpley delicious!

Chocolate Ice Cream

Just simply delicious,rich and heavenly. Heavy cream, eggs, dark chocolate and a generous splash of amaretto liqueur. No sugar added just raw honey. 

Please use the  photos below to see more

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