ሻይ - teas.

  ዕፅዋት ሻይ - Herbal teas.

Here are some of my favorite teas. You may serve your tea hot or cold.

ሻይ ቅጠል 

GINGER TEA የዝንጅብል ሻይ

CHAMOMILE TEA ካምሜላ ሻይ ቅጠል 


GINGER TEA የዝንጅብል ሻይ - the rejuvenating, soothing and invigorating qualities of ginger is naturally warming. It also supports healthy digestion.
BLACK TEA - hearty and full-flavored, with an inherent sweetness and underlying malty note.
GREEN TEA - offers a clean and astringent taste alongside notes of sweet fruitiness and wholesome earthiness.
LEMON BALM HERBAL TEA - a member of the mint family, calming and naturally sweat not need to add sweetener. As the name hints, the leaves of the plant release a lemony fragrance when bruised.
LAVENDER FLOWER TEA - a little goes a long way. Lavender has been known to hold a wide range of medicinal benefits in reducing headache pain and improving quality of sleep by helping to relax and slow the nervous system.
HIBISCUS FLOWER TEA - Alone or in combination with other dried herbs, flowers and spices, hibiscus flowers make colorful and flavorful teas.
CRIMSON BERRY HERBAL TEA - comes blended with rose-hips, hibiscus, currants, elderberries, and cranberries in a medley of red fruits that presents a deep red cup that is sweet and pleasant fragrant.
CHAI TEA - made with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, allspice, cloves, and black pepper; the spicy blend is then coupled with a hearty black tea.
CHAMOMILE TEA ካምሜላ ሻይ ቅጠል - most popular herbs, member of the daisy family renowned for it's calming, frayed nerves and an upset stomach.
WHITE TEA - light, fresh, sweet and a sheer decadence comes from the same plant as green, oolong, and black teas. It's the least processed of all the teas. Named for the silver fuzz on the bud when the leaves are picked.
EIGHT HERB TEA - the blend is comprised of spearmint, rosemary, lemon balm, linden, eucalyptus, wood betony, blackberry leaf, and eleuthero root; the result is a mild green whole body wellness tonic-like aromatic cup.

On the other hand, how many more teapots and teacups does a woman need to serve her assortment of herbal teas?

I think, it’s similar to asking a woman, "Why do you need all those shoes?" Or "Is that a new dress?" And she replies to you, “No, I got it a year ago. I just put it on now.” I hope you got my point.

My point? Just be nice and complement her. No, you don't have to mean it. Just say it and it might eventually grow on you.

Sometimes, some of us women buy things out of sheer want and totally for unrelated reasons like the teapots, teacups and teacups and teaposts sets on the display.


“I like it!”

“I want that!”

“Got to have it!"

"I have seen it on TV,”

"This one was made in Japan not in China."

Oh! My God, I can't pass - this Porcelain tea sets from British Royal"

"The color white - teapot and cups set"

"It's on sale!"

And the most hilarious one, “I might use it one day,


But in all seriousness, when you own a few more teapots, it makes it easier to serve different type of teas at the same time. After all when it comes to herbal teas, I like to think that there is a mystic opulence in serving and enjoying it in the company of family and friends, or to sit down after supper with a good book/kindle and a cup of steaming-hot herbal tea. And again, something told me that the notion of herbal tea's opulence thing might left most men scratching their heads and trying to figure out women to no avail [right brain vs. left brain thing - nature of the beast].


Most of us might think all teas taste about the same. Au contraire, I have learned that herbal teas or blends are about as far removed (taste-wise) from tea bag as home baked bread is from the store-bought kind. So, if you haven't yet discovered herbal teas for yourself, take it from me: You're missing out on a real treat

Please note that when preparing your herbal teas, all you need is a small amout of herb in your teapot and pour rolling hot water and steep it. You don’t need to boil your herbal tea like regular tea, because there are many flavor nuances that can be discovered by adjusting the length of time when steeping herbal tea. Try both longer and shorter steeping times and see which one you prefer.

Enjoying herbal tea without any sweetener is also an acquired taste that will let your palate differentiate the original flavor nuance of each herb. Adding a lot of sweetener to your tea disguises the subtlety of the flavor. 

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