Ethiopian Appetizers & Snacks


   ቋንጣና ጭኮ 

Quwanta & Chiko  

Decadent Ethiopian style appetizers combo 

ሽምብራ ዓሳ

Shimbra Asa -   እንደ ዳቦ ቆሎ Chickpea (Garbanzo beans) dumplings.

Dabo kolo - ዳቦ ቆሎ comes back puffed and fancied up, omitting the grains and  just beans and potatoes.

በአይብ የተሞላ ሳምቡሳ 

Samosa or Sambusa filled with Ayib 

አይብ/Aybe Ethiopian style cottage cheese



   Katenga -ቃተኛ 

A tej tasters paradise

ጠጀ ቀማሾች ገነት

Comfort food extraordinaire -

 spicy & buttery goodness snack 

ጭኮ - Chiko

Buttery-silky mouth full of joy snack.

Another buttery-silky, barley goodness mouth full of joy snack from my humble kitchen, which doesn’t involve cooking.

የገብስ ቂጣ

Yeasted Barley Pancake 

A better way to say so long to summer by baking with peaches, witha  bit of a twist to the usual pan cake recipe . . .

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