Food and beverage photo index! 

Ethiopian Appetizers & Snacks


Baking with Ayib አይብ

Baking Ethiopian style savory danish pastries   

Baking Pies, Cakes, Pastries & Homemade Ice Creams

Baking Gourmet Injeras

Baking Ethiopian Traditional Bread with flax seeds and barley flour.

Baking Hambasha  ሐምባሻ


Hambasha – the delightful versatile Ethiopian traditional flatbread adorned with designs that rises to every occasion.

Preparing Ethiopian Spices


Berbere  Mitmita   Mitin Shiro

Made with pink Himalayan sea salt and fresh spices.


በርበሬ ሚጥሚጣ ምጥን ሽሮ 

በሒማሊያ የባሕር ጨውና በቅመማት የተስራ


ደረጃውን ጠብቆ የተቀመመ


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Ethiopian Lent meals   የዐብይ ፆም ምግቦች 



Tella​ ጠላ 



የወይን ጠጅ  


Honey wine or




Sangria My way!  

Actually, Sangria is made with red wine and fruits. 

Substituting the wine with (ጠጅ ) mead gave the Sangria a happy pizzazz.

ዕፅዋት ሻይ Herbal teas

Herbal teas or blends are about as far removed (taste-wise) from tea bag as home baked bread is from the store-bought kind.


So, if you haven't yet discovered herbal teas for yourself, take it from me: You're missing out on a real treat! 

What is more elating than printing your own labels and slap them on your first home-brew wine bottles?



Photo index  Mead ጠጅ

Here you will find mead - ጠጅ infused with flower አበባ, spices - ቅመማ ቅመም (metheglin mead), herbs ቅጠል (herbal mead), flowers & Berries -አበባ  አንጆሪ.  

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