የእፍታ ወጥ ቅይጥ ድፎ ዳቦ  (ስንዴ ገብስ ማሽላ ዘንጋዳ)  - defo dabo - Multi grain flours stew bread (whole wheat, barley, sorghum and millet)  

Now, this is one of my kitchen experimentations gone less appealing. I used a mixture of  whole wheat (ስንዴ), barley (ገብስ), sorghum (ማሽላ) and millet (ዘንጋዳ),which are of less gluten content flours and leavened it with wild yeast and a little commercail yeast over night. The bread came out good [hartley and chewy just like abesha dabo (the traditional bread) should be], but not the stew bread one would envisioned it to be.  If I had used regular bread flour and commercial yeast, this stew bread would have come out shining. 

Baking bread using whole grain flours like whole wheat (ስንዴ), barley (ገብስ), sorghum (ማሽላ) and millet (ዘንጋዳ) is considered healthy, but demands quite a bit attention than the regular bread flour which is processed and is relatively high in gluten content. The conventional way of baking whole grain breads is to add white flour to the whole grain flour, which works, but somehow lose the traditional Ethiopian bread dense texture, which I grew up enjoying.

Since breads get elasticity from the content of gluten [the more the gluten the more the elasticity of the bread,] hence I improvised by using chia seeds to produce elasticity. When soaked in water chia seeds form a thick  gel, which helps the bread to be more elastic and soft still chewy.

Chai seeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and contain lots of minerals and vitamins. These very tiny ancient seeds, traditionally consumed in Mexico, and the southwestern United States, considered power seeds, once upon a time the indigenous people had used to consume just chai seeds and water, while traveling across deserts. 

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