Baking Gourmet Injera (ጎርሜ እንጀራ)


The aroma of fresh baked injera has that feeling of being home.

Thus the saying, "Home is not a place…it’s a feeling".

Most of the time, I bake all teff or all barley injera.

Sometimes, I also like to add different kinds of whole grain flours like,

  1. Whole wheat flour -  ስንዴ ዱቄት,
  2. Quinoa flour  - ኪንዋ ዱቄት,
  3. Brown rice flour - የሩዝ ዱቄት,
  4. Millet flour  - ዘንጋዳ ዱቄት,
  5. Sorghum flour - ማሺላ ዱቄት
  6. Corn flour - በቆሎ ዱቄት
  7. Barley flour - የገብስ ዱቄት

to the teff  flour  ጤፍ ዱቄት, which is called mixed injera - ቅይጥ እንጀራ.

Baking Injera እንጀራ

Since there is no substitute for practice and experience, please don't expect a perfect injera at your first attempt.

"Prictice Makes Perfect"

ቃተኛ Kategna

Comfort food extraordinaire; spicy and buttery goodness snack or Breakfast .

If you manage to make those finicky wild yeast አርሾ bacteria called Saccharomyces cerevisiae (scientific name) alive and happy, they will pay the favour by making a vigorous air bubbles in your dough ሊጥ as shown on dysplay.

You got to pay attention or face the consequence of flat injeras or breads, which is not fun at all.

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