Croissant - ክሮሳንት

On your balcony!


On a sunny Sunday, morning!


Serving fresh out of the oven croissant ክሮሳንት with some  tea or coffee!

I am well aware that I don’t have to bake to eat a good croissant. In fact, I live a stone’s throw from the stores where all kind of great croissants are in no short supply.


So why do I bake my own croissant?


Firstly, just because!


Secondly, when the oven fairy in your kitchen whispers in your ears, I believe that it’s kind of good-manner to yield. 


Thirdly, well - serving fresh out of the oven croissant in a sunny morning on your balcony with some tea ... and these days' lemon balm herbal tea strikes my fancy.


Lemon balm herbal tea is naturally sweet, no need to add any sugar. It also has a calming effect with natural remedy properties.


Although croissant is a half day baking adventure, making your own croissants are not difficult, seriously.

Creating Flaky Pastry!


Patience, time (couple of hours) and with some elbow greese, you can acheive that flaky confection layers and layers of buttery goodness at home! 

Basic croissant recipe calls for flour and water dough. I made brioche dough, which is flour, egg, milk, vanilla and a few drops of almond extract. Those few drops of almond extracts lend the croissant a tad bit distinct noticeable flavor. I also used wild and active dry yeast and left the dough overnight in the fridge for that tangy distinctive flavor.


A word of wisdom from an amateur baker!


Besides some good technique, which doesn’t require a skill so much as patient and time; choosing high end flour and butter is the different between mediocre or extraordinary croissants.


When it comes to baking croissants you definitely get what you pay for.  

A savory flaky danish pastry filled with spiced and sautéed lamb meat Ethiopian style  የበግ ጥብስ


Keep your fingers crossed; with this one, you might even charm your mother-in-low.

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