My childhood cooking and baking enthusiasm

Bitten by the culinary bug at an early age,  as a little girl, I was sort of mesmerized about cooking and baking food.

Growing up we used to have a kitchen in the main house ላይ ቤት ኩሺና and another one in the servant quarters ታች ቤት ኩሺና, where the major cooking and baking happened.


Although, I was forbidden by my late father not to go near the servant quarter's kitchen for concern of open fire cooking, I made it a habit to sneak in there to help the cooks and injera bakers; became quite attached to them; as well as  fond of their unabached loose talk . 


Still fresh in my mind, the first time my late mom let me prepare the chicken stew; I still recall her warm affirmative comment that I did a good job - ባለ ሙያ.


Back in the days, we would buy a live chicken from the market and kill it. Killing that poor chicken was the man’s job.


The process of cooking chicken stew (ዶሮ ወጥwas quite lengthy with a lot of details. From getting rid of the feathers of the dead chicken to cutting up the whole chicken and washing the chicken and add some lime juice/wages and more washing and sniffing. Then peeling lots and lots of those small onions (shallots) and dicing, sautéing, caramelizing and on and on – that was quite a process. 

A happy moment of occasional indulgence in one of my all-time favorite comfort food (Kategna - ቃተኛ)!


Not only about the food, but equally about my happy childhood memories.

On your balcony!


In a Sunday, sunny morning!


Serving fresh out of the oven croissant ክሮሳንት with some  tea or coffee!

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