የጭኮ አሰራር

Chiko - Buttery and silky mouth full of joy snack.

ጭኮ - Another buttery-silky, barley goodness mouth full of joy snack from my humble kitchen, which doesn’t involve cooking.


All you need is to mix melted clarified butter (ghee) with toasted barley flour (በሶ ዱቄት), shove it in the freezer for 10 minutes and you got yourself (ጭኮ).


It is easy, fast, rich and fulfilling snack that has a power to chase any blues away for a while caused by achy ego. Of course, not a cure, but never underestimate the redemptive power of butter.


The ratio is equal part butter to flour to make Chiko (ጭኮ). And NO water added to chiko, whatsoever!


Not the time to be skimpy on the butter, worry about your cholesterol or clogged artery, just think about your happy soul. 


And diets? What diet? Just saying!


A while back, I read somewhere that “Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.”



It sounds harsh and, lo and behold, that was what my good old inner voice mimicked and echoed just before I went to my fridge to reach for the butter and flour to prepare me the Chiko.


I know people, who swear by a glass of red wine or two to thwart their blues, but I knew, I needed something solid and buttery to quiet my uncomfy inner voice and also fill the void caused by my fragile, vulnerable and brittle ego. 


Although, I like red wine full-bodied cabernet sauvignon, I am in the white wine camp most of the time, especially full-bodied chardonnays.


In any case, stay away from red wine as it might overwhelm the buttery, nutty- earthy nuances of this barley goodness snack. 


Any good full-bodied white wine will do. Better yet, you pair it with berries and flower flavored tej and you will be in awe.


For some who ant’ in to wine and spirits go with green tea or any tea. Good ol’ water? Not so much as it might complicate the digestive acids.


Bon appetite!

የጭኮ አሰራር - Preparing chiko

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Serve him some quwanta and chiko  ቋንጣና ጭኮ with his favorite wine or liquor and watch his eyes practically popped out of his head, second only to seeing you nude. 


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