Baking with Coconut Flour ኮኮናት ዱቄት

ሐምባሻ  Hambasha


It tastes great plain but, embellishing it with organic coconut flour, organic milk and a hint of nutmeg takes it to the levels of pure perfection.

Baking Coconut bread

  • Baked with Organic Coconut flour and Organic milk!
  • Chewy!
  • Tasty!
  • Not too sweet!
  • Just right!

Blueberry coconut flour cake


What a delight to the test buds, adding slightly sweetened cream cheese to a blueberry and coconut flour cake.

You know that you’re nuts for baking, when you got other things to do, but ignore them all and go to your kitchen to bake using coconut flour.


Everyone has their own way of coping with stress, but sometimes mine happened to be baking.

That being said, adding a small amount of coconut flour to any baked goods transform any baked goods to the next level by adding textures and flavor.


Coconut flour is soft flour produced from dried coconut meat.  It is a natural by product of coconut milk production and extraordinarily absorbent and very little coconut flour is needed. Soaking coconut flour overnight makes it more manageable to work with.

Boozy Fruit Lattice Pies

The joys of summer! Seeing ample supply of fruits everywhere! 

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