A flaky savory pastry roll filled with spiced ayib (Ethiopian style homemade cottage cheese) የተቀመመ አይብ

Generally I like to cook, but nowadays I am more into baking.


So when the oven fairy in my kitchen called my name, I answered the call with a smile.


Because nothing quenches the urge of baking like baking with አይብ  (Ethiopian style homemade cottage cheese).

Ayib አይብ - Ethiopian Style homemade cottage cheese is delishious by itself, but I spiced it up well with different kind of spices including *korerima and *matmite. 


*Korerima is a unique spice indigenous to Ethiopia. Closely related to coriander, Abesha people can’t live without. It has that spice power to turn an ordinary dish to extraordinaire.

*Matmite is a hot and salty condiment used commonly in every house hold in Ethiopia. Mitmita to Ethiopian is as hot sauce to North Americans or Asians 

Creating Flaky Danish Pastry!


Patience, time (couple of hours) and with some elbow greese, you can acheive that flaky confection layers and layers of buttery goodness at home! 

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