Baking with Ayib አይብ  

Ethiopian Style Homemade Cottage Cheese

Making your own Ayib  አይብ  Ethiopian style cottage cheese at home is remarkably simple and tastes great. All you need  is white vinegar as a curdling agent in the boiled buttermilk. 

Spiced Ethiopian Style Cottage Cheese  የተቀመመ አይብ

Ayib አይብ - Ethiopian Style homemade cottage cheese is delishious by itself, but I spiced it up well with different kind of spices including *korerima and *matmite. 


*Korerima is a unique spice indigenous to Ethiopia. Closely related to coriander, Abesha people can’t live without. It has that spice power to turn an ordinary dish to extraordinaire.

*Matmite is a hot and salty condiment used commonly in every house hold in Ethiopia. Mitmita to Ethiopian is as hot sauce to North Americans or Asians 

Gurage style ayib  


ሰባት ቤት ጉራጌ አይብ በጎመን 


Ethiopian style homemade cottage cheese is made by drying the collard green and crumbling it to powder. As shown below you can dry the collard green or kale using the dehydrator or just you cast iron skillet or any skillet.

Boiled collard green and ayib 

Ethiopian style cottage cheese is another way of baking. 


Creating flaky pastry roll.


The key to success with any pastry is not pushing anything too fast.  Keeping the butter chilled in between laminating steps or called ‘turns’ is crucial for creating all the lovely, flaky layers of pastry. Laminating is the process of rolling and folding the dough in order to create very thin layers of butter and dough. More turns the merrier, up to 4 turns, each turn - at least 30 minutes down-time in the fridge, you do the math. If you skimp on chilling time the butter will get too warm and start being absorbed by the dough and you’ll not get that flaky confection we're aiming for. (አደባብሰው ቢያርሱ፡ ባረም ይመለሱ) kind of thing. Speaking about butter, using a good butter, sometimes labeled as "European butter" with less water and more fat helps create flakier dansih pastry. But using regular butter is just fine as well.

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