Baking with Ayib አይብ  

Ethiopian Style Homemade Cottage Cheese

Making your own Ayib  አይብ  Ethiopian style cottage cheese at home is remarkably simple and tastes great.


All you need  is white vinegar as a curdling agent in the boiled buttermilk. 


A flaky savory pastry filled with Ethiopian (Gurage) style ayib begomen


ሰባት ቤት ጉራጌ አይብ በጎመን

 አይብ በጎመን

A savory flaky danish braid pastry filled with አይብ homemade cottage cheese and collard green - Ethiopian style 

Generally I like to cook, but nowadays I am more into baking.


So when the oven fairy in my kitchen called my name, I answered the call with a smile.


Because nothing quenches the urge of baking like baking with አይብ  (Ethiopian style homemade cottage cheese).

ሳምቡሳ Samosa

በአይብ የተሞላ ሳምቡሳ!


Samosa or Sambusa filled with Ayib - አይብ (Ethiopian style homemade cottage cheese).

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