የኑብያንዋ ንግሥት (የንግሥተ ሣባ)ቸኮላት ኪክ   Queen Sheba (The Nubian Queen) chocolate cake

As part of my experimentations of baking with  almond flour, recently an article on NY-times by Nigella Lawson circulating on face book caught my attention.  


The article was about Julia Child's Gateau Reine de Saba, French for Queen of Sheba cake የኑብያንዋ ንግሥት (የንግሥተ ሣባ)ቸኮላት ኪክ from Julia Child's first book, The French Chef. According to the article this cake was the first French cake Julia Child ever ate.


There are many many ways to make a chocolate cake. People have done it for years. There is - by no means - a standard "gospel" of proper procedures.


I will assure you that you can deviate off of any chocolate cake recipes that you see fit, for the simple reason that you couldn't go wrong on chocolate and butter and flour. Just be sure to use the best quality chocolate and make sure to booze your cake with the best quality liqueur. 


In this case I used Amaratto Italian liqueur, which fitted well with the almond nuance of the cake. As usual. I also did not follow the recipe in the strictest sense and omitted the sugar and went with raw honey as a sweetener which worked out perfectly delicious.


So inline with the Nubian way of life, I stretched my imagination a bit and decided to use coffee and also korerima, which is a unique spice indigenous to Ethiopia; closely related to coriander. And the out come was a pleasant surprise.


That being said, I was enamored with the cake more for its namesake - The Nubian Queen የኑብያንዋ ንግሥት (የንግሥተ ሣባ)and the historic account of the Queen' visit to King Solomon.


Some speak of their rendezvous as strictly platonic - a matter of state and trade agreements and not seduction. I don't see how that was possible, if this rich decadent chocolate cake named in her honor was among the gifts, she has brought to him. 

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