Baking with Almond ለውዝ ! 

ለውዝ - Almond is one of my favorite nuts to substitute part of flour in some of my baking. It will give any baking dense, rich and nutty texture which you will not acquire from using only flour.

Boozing your almond bake with a generous splash of Amaretto liquor is practically magic, if you ask me.

Any good almond-flavored, Italian liqueur opens up an array of exciting flavour nuance and brings a flare of creative inspiration back to your baking

Home-made Almond Flour የለውዝ ዱቄት !

You can buy  የለውዝ ዱቄት almond flour from the store, but making your almond flour  in the kitchen is gratifying.


Not to mention how easy it is, cost saving and fresh almond flour on demand.

Boozy Fruit Lattice Pies

The joys of summer! Seeing ample supply of fruits everywhere! 

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