Baking Cheese Cakes - A Family Favorite! 

Strawberry cheese cake

Chocolate ganache Cheese Cake. 

Making the strawberry sauce

Not to complicate the natural flavor of the strawberry; I only added lemon zest to the sauce. Enhanced by The lemon zest (no sugar added) you can literally bite into the berry nuance 

Making the cheese cake

Beside the cream cheese, the only additive here is a bit honey and whipping cream. Undeniably decadent and delicious, just a bite into this cheese cakes, you might probably say “Cheesecake Factory got nothing on this one”.

I enjoyed this cheese cake with coffee.  Since I prefer to drink my coffee black and unsweetened, not only it allows me to pick up the subtle differences of roast in beans, but also to recognize and appreciate the actual slight bitterness of the coffee. While the black coffee complements and enhanced the sweet nuance of the cheese cake, it also helps to balance the richness of the cheese cake. 

Making Chocolate ganache 

Baking Chocolate ganache Cheese Cake

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