Baking using wild-yeast አርሾ

If you manage to make those finicky wild yeast አርሾ bacteria called Saccharomyces cerevisiae (scientific name) alive and happy, they will pay the favor by making a vigorous air bubbles in your dough ሊጥ as shown on dysplay.


You got to pay attention or face the consequence of flat injeras or breads, which is not fun at all.

Using wild yeast for baking is the oldest and the most original form of leavening.


Baking injera or any kind of baked goods using wild yeast (አርሾ) is an art crafted in harmony with nature and little science.


Besides the tangy-distinctive flavor bliss of wild yeast baking, the fermentation process, which takes longer prep time than the other bread produce the content of beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus, which results in protein gluten being broken down into amino acids, which translates to easier and more pleasant digestion, sometimes even for those who are sensitive to gluten.


Baking using wild yeast takes days and involves figuring out the tale-tale activities of those  rambunctious live bacteria's (natural /wild yeast - አርሾ) and keep them happy and alive in the dough (ቡኮ) (ሊጥ).


A small change like temperature fluctuation or new container would affect the outcome.


From experience, these finicky wild yeast bacteria called Saccharomyces cerevisiae (scientific name) don’t appreciate change at all.

Who does?

No blame there!


If you manage to make them wild yeasts alive and happy; which have a mind of their own, they will return the favor by making vigorous air bubbles in your mix - dough  ሊጥ,  responsible for those fluffy, supple and porous kind of injera that we grew up enjoying and nailing it right all the time.


You  definitely got to pay attention or face the consequence of flat injeras, which is not fun at all.


You would know that you're one happy baker, because you have nailed that perfect authentic tangy-distinctive flavor, enough to garner even the finicky eaters in your corner, not to mention the fresh baked aroma lingering in the house reminding you of your happy childhood.


Since this amateur baker takes baking to heart, she eventually found ways to make those live bacteria's (natural yeast አርሾ) happy and keep them alive in her dough (ቡኮ) (ሊጥ), which have the mind of their own.

My childhood cooking and baking enthusiasm

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