the Joy of Baking

I enjoy baking more than cooking! 


So what is it really about an amateur baker's inner geek , that drives to tweak a bit here and there to improve the texture and the taste, but mostly keep the authenticity of Habesha dabo (ድፎ ዳቦ) or Injera (እንጀራ)?


I will assure you that, it’s not only about the food, so, as it turns out, it’s equally about the process of baking that engages and satisfies the senses and also nurtures the inner creativity as well.


A word of wisdom from another amateur baker !


Besides some good technique, which doesn’t require a skill so much as patient and time; choosing high end flour and butter and sprucing your baking up with some good liquor and liqueur are the different between mediocre or extraordinary breads, cakes, pastries, pies etc.


When it comes to baking, you definitely get what you pay for!  

Baking using wild-yeast አርሾ

Baking both the traditional Habesha dabo (ድፎ ዳቦ) and injera (እንጀራ) takes days and involves figuring out the tale-tale activities of those  rambunctious live bacteria's (natural/wild yeast) አርሾ.

You got to keep them natural/wild yeast) አርሾ happy and alive in the dough (ቡኮ) (ሊጥ) or else face the consequences of a flat bread or injera, which is not fun at all.

ድፎ ዳቦ bread

Knowing the balance of fire fuel to dough amount is what sets apart the “untried” girls from the “real” women.

There was no way of knowing, if the habesha dabo was ready except by the smell of fresh baked bread wrapped in the now crisp Enset leaves.

My childhood cooking and baking enthusiasm

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