Classic Apple Pie with Maple Whipped Cream

Nothing screams cheerful indulgence more than a piece of Apple Pie topped with Maple whipped cream. 

Fall is almost gone and good ol’ winter is upon us. However I love apples and have hoarded some, whenever I find them at a reasonable price when they were in season.

Apple can keep well for months in the Frigidaire ready tobe used.

Preparing the whipped cream and apple pie.

A homemade whipped cream is by far tastes infinitely better than aerosol cans or tubs of fake whipped topping sold at stores.  

I whipped the cream to soft peaks with maple syrup [not too sweet] simply delicious.

You may flavor your homemade whipped cream as your fancy strikes with liqueurs, citrus fruit zests and spices, customized it to taste and serve it with Waffles, pancake and cakes etc.


Whipped cream is best served immediately, but you can make it in advance and refrigerating it. When ready to serve, continue whipping the cream to medium peaks.


To bake the apple pie, I used 4 different type of apples, which are half tart and half sweet apples like Granny smith, Fuji, gala and golden delicious.

No sugar added, just a touch of cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg still delicious.


And the secret to that crispy and flaky pie crest is keeping the pie crest chilled  and while rolling the crust make sure the butter not get warm and being absorbed by the pie crest. 

Please use the photos below to see more

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