Apple Pie A La Mode

Just a fancy name for pie with ice cream

I do some of my thinking [critical thinking] while baking or cooking in my kitchen. And this early morning while baking the apple pie and listening to the churning sound of the ice cream maker, I was thinking in line with one of the greatest virtue – Love.

Since I occasionally do small groups motivational speaking like mind and body sort of thing, I have noticed that people including myself struggle with offense occasinally.

I think men (left brain) in general are less prone to being offended and wired to letting go offense easily than the counterpart.

Sometimes, I wonder if it was the right brain phenomenon or something else that some of us women have a tendancy to latch on thinking things to death (ANT- automatic negative thinking), which might cause our emotions go haywire.

So here is the bottom-line! Whatever emotional plagues are eating us alive, trying to talk self out of it is not only necessary, but doable. Start by telling self that you’re not entitled to hold on grudges, because "holding on to grudges and staying angry is like drinking poison and expect the other person to die".

Please note that thinking critically is a skill, which demands effort and energy in objective examination of what we’re thinking and then a conscious response to that examination. In other words, we should be doing a lot of it every day.

[ነገር ቢበዛ በአህያ አይጫንምና] Now back to baking apple pie and making vanilla ice cream from scratch. Yes, time consuming, but well worth the time and the energy.

Apple pie a la mode is a fancy name for apple pie with vanilla ice cream. But let me tell you, there’s nothing that will make you more at ease in a cold day than watching a generous scoop of ice cream melting on a top of a warm pie ready to be relished. One of the advantage of doing your baking is that you know exactly what is in it. Those store bought ice creams and pies have way too much sugar and who know what? The homemade apple pie a la mode may be served for breakfast with good tea or coffee.


Bon Appetite!

Preparing the apple pie.

I used 4 different type of apples, which are half tart and half sweet apples like Granny smith, Fuji, gala and golden delicious to bake the pie. No sugar added Just a touch of cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg still delicious.

And the secret to that crispy and flaky pie crest is keeping the pie crest chilled  and while rolling the crust make sure the butter not get warm and being absorbed by the pie crest. 

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