Baking savory danish pastries with Ethiopian style cooking. 

(የበግ ጥብስ) (የቀይ ዶሮ ወጥ) (ሰባት ቤት ጉራጌ አይብ በጎመን) (የአልጫ ዶሮ ወጥ) (አዚፋ) (የሺምብራ አሳ)(ጥቅል ጎመን)

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A savory danish braid filled with sauteed lamb (የበግ ጥብስ -Ethiopian style)

This savory braid danish which involved cooking and baking. You could fill your danish braid with any filling your lil’ heart desires, but filling your butter and egg rich pastry with lamb meat (Ethiopian style - የበግ ጥብስ) [sautéed to perfection in butter with onion, garlic and ginger with a hint of thyme herb (ጦስኝ)], you’re done. This is one of those dishes you make when you want to impress. This flaky and crisp danish braid is a perfect match for the sautéed lamb. One of those dishes that is good to pair with tej (ጠጅ) (Ethiopian honey mead), any wine red or white or beer.

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Creating flaky danish pastry.


The key to success with danish pastry is not pushing anything too fast.  Keeping the butter chilled in between laminating steps or called ‘turns’ is crucial for creating all the lovely, flaky layers of pastry. Laminating is the process of rolling and folding the dough in order to create very thin layers of butter and dough. More turns the merrier, up to 4 turns, each turn - at least 30 minutes down-time in the fridge, you do the math. If you skimp on chilling time the butter will get too warm and start being absorbed by the dough and you’ll not get that flaky confection we're aiming for. (አደባብሰው ቢያርሱ፡ ባረም ይመለሱ) kind of thing. Speaking about butter, using a good butter, sometimes labeled as "European butter" with less water and more fat helps create flakier dansih pastry. But using regular butter is just fine.

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