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የወይን ጠጅ  


Honey wine





I come from a family of home-brewers. I've been home brewing for quite a while now.


I guess, once you’re bitten by the brewing bug there is no stopping; at least that is my experience.


I brew tella ጠላ Ethiopian black beer, mead ጠጅ tej (honey wine), wine and different kind of regular beer from the beer kit.

Tella and tej are the two most consumed traditional alcoholic drinks in Ethiopia for generations and also at present time. 


I have also tried to convey my herbalist side into all these brewing experiences by infusing fresh or dried flowers, spices and herbs in already fermented mead; witnessing how the essences of all these elements influenced the finished, (mouthful or dryness) and also the bouquet as well as the complexity of the mead.

Infusing mead with flowers, herbs, dry fruits and spices.


I have been happily brewing ever since I have been betten by the brewing bug.


How happy?


Just happy as the classic, “You don't look your age!” compliment.


The beauty of home-brewing has unleashed my creativity in exploring into different tej flavoring nuance to make something that give such joy to myself and to my guests as well.

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Brewing tella is not for the faint-hearted!    













ጠላ መጥመቅ ዋዛ አይደለም!



Home Brew - ቤት የተጠመቀ




Bitten by the culinary bug at an early age, more often than not, I found myself in my small kitchen just because!


Baking Ethiopian style savory danish pastries  

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