በርበሬ  ሚጥሚጣ ምጥን ሽሮ

made with pink Himalayan sea salt and fresh spices.

በሒማሊያ የባሕር ጨውና በቅመማት የተስራ

Preparing Ethiopian Spices


Berbere  Mitmita   Mitin Shiro

Made with pink Himalayan sea salt and fresh spices.


በርበሬ ሚጥሚጣ ምጥን ሽሮ 

በሒማሊያ የባሕር ጨውና በቅመማት የተስራ


ደረጃውን ጠብቆ የተቀመመ


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Love ፍቅር 


Let injustice go is not love!

Accepting wronge is not love!


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You are responsible for your own happiness!


Look inward!


Make your guts your best friend and make peace with those apparent knots and contractions in your guts, which feel like uneasiness and uncertainty. They're life gifts to process traumas into clarity just like a bridge in understanding your intelligence and strength.


Your partner is not responsible for your happiness!

Boozing your almond bake with a generous splash of Amaretto liquor is practically magic, if you ask me.

Any good almond-flavored, Italian liqueur opens up an array of exciting flavour nuance and brings a flare of creative inspiration back to your baking

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