Affordable & best Website design solutions for personal & business websites

ድረ ገጽ መስራት

Affordable & Best Website Design

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I am a self-made web designer working from the comfort of my home [cutting the middle man].


I offer affordable and best design solutions for your personal  and business website.


I also address SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and local listings, meaning you will be easily found by your customers. 

I offer affordable and best design for your personal website for $5.00 USD/month payable to the web host company.  

But if you sell items on your personal or business website by accepting credit cards or Paypal, it will start at $15.00 USD/month payable to the web host company.


No upfront cost till I completely designed your website to your satisfaction.


I also address SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and local listings, meaning you will be easily found by your customers. 


I will make your dream of having a website to display your family pictures in remembrance, a website for your restaurant, creative art, music YouTube, etc. a reality.


My designs are crisp, fresh and on target. From start to finish, I can provide your website with the tools needed to succeed and make impact in what you intended. I realize the importance of clean web-site design and graphic designs.


As a referral, I have attached my own business website

Almond shortbread is just one of those melt in your mouth goodness simple deserts that I always dreaded to make, becasue of the impulse to finish the batch by myself.

Jewelry Making

Simple elegance from the heart!

You are responsible for your own happiness!


Look inward!


Make your guts your best friend and make peace with those apparent knots and contractions in your guts, which feel like uneasiness and uncertainty. They're life gifts to process traumas into clarity just like a bridge in understanding your intelligence and strength.


Your partner is not responsible for your happiness!

On your balcony!


On a sunny Sunday morning!


Serving fresh out of the oven croissant ክሮሳንት with some  tea or coffee!

How many more teapots/cups does a woman need to serve her assortment of herbal teas?


The More The Merrier?


Yeah! It makes it easier to serve different type of teas at the same time.


And of course, Apulance!

Baking Injera እንጀራ

Since there is no substitute for practice and experience, please don't expect a perfect injera at your first attempt.

"Prictice Makes Perfect"

You'll definitely have your way to anybody's heart - man, woman, your dog and cat. 


It is not that complicated!


Ladies, do you want your man's attention once in a while?


Serve him some quwanta and chiko  ቋንጣና ጭኮ with his favorite wine or liquor and watch his eyes practically popped out of his head, second only to seeing you nude. 


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