Self Inquiry 

There’s a whole realms of existence available to us beyond our sense perception such as sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch about self-inquiry, which we need to find it in our direct experiences


It helps to know that inquiry about self is different for everyone and as a human being we’ve done it in different levels.


It can be done open minded or in the form of contrasts (bad or good, moral or immoral and evil or righteous etc.).


There’s also no wrong or right way of self-inquiry, but an appropriate self inquiry depending on a given moment and situation.

It also helps to realize that everyone is unique and no need for judgment on how to go about on the self-inquiry


What we’re trying to inquire about so to speak is already here at the heart of all our experiences. It’s not what we have to become, it’s something we’ve to recognize what we really are. 

We’re so obsessed with our sense perceptions that even if it’s there we overlook it. It’s like a whisper in a crowded market place and you have got to learn to dial into its subtlety and kind of able to tune your attention on the senses.


Although, it's at the heart of our every day experiences and a fulfillment by itself, what we really are that we call "l" before any concept is not explainable by using words. 

The simple truth of what we really are will emanate into our perception effortlessly, when we become subtler in our intentions and earnest in our desire for freedom and truth of life itself.


Infact, there's more to what you conceptually know yourself to be as this solid body and mind or flesh and blood.


Words might help as a pointer to what is only known by being that state of inner still alertness, which is commonly known as a witnessing presence. Didn't I mention that it's kind of hard to put it in words?


What you really are is not only a self in the body, share the limitations and conditions of the body and eventually suffer the destiny of the body. 

What you really are is that you always address yourself as "I" before any thoughts and perceptions, who’s always aware of all your mundane experiences and with which all objective experience is known, but which itself can not be known as an object.


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