Who am I?

It starts with an inquiry. 


There’s a whole lot more about self-inquiry to what we perceived to know with only our five senses such as sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.


It helps to know that inquiry about self is different for everyone and as a human being we’ve done it in different levels.


It can be done open minded or in the form of dualism (bad or good, moral or immoral and evil or righteous etc.).


Some say there’s no wrong or right way of self-inquiry, just different; realizing that a human being is unique and no need for self-judgment on how to go about it. 


The self-inquiry may start at the level of thinking, which is on the level of 3D (three dimensional), but has to evolve to a higher dimensions, since self couldn’t be able to inquire itself.


On a higher dimension, awareness or consciousness happens, which might allow one to step out of the five senses to perceive self differently, which is not explain by using words.


Words might help as a pointer to what is only perceived by intuition or the six sense.


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