The Inconceivable

"You’re not only your body and your mind!" 


A Profound statement, which refutes the conventional consensus apparent belief of most people as just only a self in the body, share the limitations and conditions of the body and eventually suffer the destiny of the body.


If I am not my body and mind, then who am I?


You are that you always address yourself as "I am" before any thoughts and perceptions.


We know that all our feelings, thoughts, sensations come and go, changing all the time, but our true essence we call "I" before any thought and experience remains unchanged.


It's the same "I" who is always aware of your experiences and looked in the mirror today and also when you were 5 years old or 10 years old. In other words, it's that same "I" who is always aware whether you're awake or asleep, sick or well, happy or unhappy, poor or rich etc.


You can’t see or feel your true essence “I” as you see and feel objects, you can only be it. It’s not what you have to become, it’s something you've to recognize.


It’s like a whisper in a crowded market place and you have got to learn to dial in into its subtlety and kind of able to tune your attention on the senses.


The experience of "I" is intimate, ordinary, familiar and natural that it can easily be overlooked. "The eye sees not itself."


Uninformed says, “ I am a body and I live in this world!”.

Denial says, “I am not my body, then I am nothing!”. 

Wisdom says, “I am No Thing! I am one or connected with everything around me, the cosmos!"


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