The Inconceivable

"You’re more than your body and your mind!" 


A Profound statement, but it refutes the conventional consensus belief, thinking and feeling that most people think that they are a self in the body, share the limitations and conditions of the body and eventually suffer the destiny of the body.


If I am not my body and mind, then who am I?


You are that you always address yourself as "I am" before any thoughts and perceptions.


We know that all our feelings, thoughts, sensations come, go and change all the time, but that self we call "I am" before any thought and experience stays without any change.


It's the same "I am" when you are 5 years old, 10 years old or 100 years old. 


The experience of "I am" is intimate, ordinary, familiar and natural that we don't pay attention. "The eye sees not itself."


More on how to enquir about self.


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