The Inconceivable

"You’re more than your body and your mind!" 


A true and profound statement, but as long as we are in this planet called Earth, we still need to function on the 3D (three dimensional) or the five senses such as sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. 


If we know that there’s more to what we think as real life, thus the saying “Truth is stranger than fiction”; we might also consider learning to shift to intuition 4D (four dimensional) which doesn't involve the mind.


Please note that while intuition 4D rely more or less on knowing intuitively, 3D is more about thinking and figuring things out. 


It also help to know that trusting and relaying solely on our inner guide makes the art of shifting in and out of the realms of thinking - 3D (doing) and knowing - 4D (being) a bit more fun. 


Our inner guidance, intuition as well as the five senses manifest themselves through the body. 

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