The Gate Keeper

The gate keepers, at the entrance,

without exception, all are mean and fierce,

but one among them is the most dangerous.

The rever of living water, glamorous,

deep down in the belly, marvelous, 

strength, wisdom, comfort and ease,

healing and a balm for infirmities,

rejuvenate and alleviates traumas,

but the gate keepers, at the entrance,

without exception, all are mean and fierce,

but one among them is the most dangerous.


People think of them as demons,

long ago, since ancient times,

for the shamans, they’re negative energies,

the psychiatrist calls them traumas,

yogis think of them as karmas,

give them whatever names,

they don’t like eyes covered with scales,

and not let in anyone with armored heart,

but none of them are match for self worth,

they surrender in the sight of confidence,

disarm and join the camp of love.


As beliefs and perceptions dictate,

these mean and fierce old guards, 

even-though provoked by someone,

and unexpectedly showed up as unpleasant emotions, 

they are not outside, somewhere,

but part and parcels of self.

entrenched in the nervous system.


Psychologist have lots of studies, 

showing the body's reaction, sending signals,

on life's unfortunate happenings, 

as some sort of protection from stress.

But when the mind picks up these signals,

thought misconstrues the signals as danger,

to stay away from unpleasant emotions.

Behold, an illusion was conceived,

gave birth to a delusions of grandeur, 

and they shall call the name fear.


Hiding behind, the apron of time,

a picture of a tiger placed on the wall,

fear is the worst guard of them all.

A natural emotion and protection signal  

the body uses fear as means of survival.

Blame prejudice, reinforced by ignorance, 

vanguard of all beliefs and strange ideas,

a major culprit for unconscious decisions,

the number one creator of life misfortunes.


By running away, do not appease fear,

in a hope to alleviate, do not express fear, 

to keep appearances, do not suppress fear,

own your fear, it is human to fear.

So beloved, to have an insight on the nature of fear,

summon up courage to welcome fear,

in and of itself, apart from ignorance,

to see firsthand, fear has no existence.


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