Self love vs Selfish!

“Don't be selfish!”,

a statement used,

since antiquity past, 

full of intention,

to shame others into submission. 


Familiar statements, 

'you are selfish', 'think about others',

laced with attitudes, concealed in motives,

thrown, more often than not,

at the female species,

heard enough, became the norm,

make you feel guilty, into compliance.


Negative thoughts, the culprit,

the loin's share, goes to ignorance, 

for accepting, or offering shame,

lingering doubt, obliviousness,

outdated beliefs, lack of confidence,

trusting self, comes not easy,

when rewarded, for conformity.


Life loves you, you are the beloved,

you are favored, one of a kind,

in favor of you, all is rigged,

you're it, you are the center.


Those subtle beliefs, since early on,

lurking around, most of the times,

out of habit, doubting yourself,

a safety net, for not saying no,

taking comfort, in coming second,

thirst for approval, a mirage of water, 

little use to be told, you matter,

till you really believe, that you matter.


Not so easy, to shed overnight, 

habitual thinking, of countless night, 

obliviousness, to your true nature,
time worth spent, a reason to reinforce, 

practice more, on appreciation of self.




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