Pride and Vulnerability   ኩራትና ተጋላጭነት

Pride and prejudice, the first two cousins and the flip side of humility come in many forms. But their customary form of  manifastation, which has a charm of a blinding effect presents itself wrapped up in adorable ribbon in the form of intellect as in thinking that, if I don't understand others points of view; it must be bad or wrong instead of just different.


When it comes to vulnerability, we have learned that we need to avoid it at any cost. Because it’s almost human nature to associate vulnerability with weaknesses.


Society has frowned upon being vulnerable as a weakness, but I found it to be a threshold that ushers the awareness of embracing  others point of views, which translates to strength.


A thought to ponder upon!

I understand that assuming others who don't share our views as not intelligent is very convenient; it might also give us some sense of intellectual pride, when in fact, the feeling of intellectual superiority intentionally or otherwise is the enemy of open-mindedness and a stumbling block to explore the blind spot of our psyche.


A researcher and thought leader Dr. Brene Brown offers a powerful new vision that encourages us to dare greatly, embrace vulnerability and imperfection, to live wholeheartedly and courageously engage in our lives.


According to her findings that people who dare to be vulnerable ተጋላጭ are


1 - They fully embrace venerability and are courageous enough to let go who they thought they should be, in order to be who they’re.


2 - They believe that what makes them vulnerable makes them beautiful.


3 - They didn’t talk about vulnerability being comfortable nor they talk about it excruciating, but think it’s necessary.

  • Like the willingness to say I love you first.
  • Like the willingness to do something where there is no guaranties.
  • Like the willingness to invest in relationships that may or may not work out.

 4 - The people who dare to be vulnerable thought this is fundamental and not betrayal.

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