Love ፍቅር 

To let injustice go by is not love!

Accepting wrong is not love!

The late Marin Luther King, once said,

"Power without love is reckless and abusive!

Love without power is sentimental and anemic!"

A waltz with the infinite!

From my own, true nature,

actually, from direct experience,

prior to assumptions,

prior to beliefs,

prior to conditionings,

the space of stillness, and silence,

no separation, just oneness,

no doing, just being,

not nothing, but no thing,

where, oxymoron is king,

I have learned, to love self,

compassion, to self,

the secret of being content, with self.


Who I really am, is love,

love, living it’s own life,

animated, this solid body,

to function, in space and time.

This animated body, only a tiny part, 

destined to die, finite,

the much larger part, the rest,

not known, what a waste.


Love softened, the heart,

soothed perceptions,

granted access, to beauty,

in this animated body.


Content, with who I am,

the work of grace, 

not anymore, ferocious,

to change, my appearance,

little interest, to fit in any box,

who I wish, to become,

not a bother, as much,

just okay, to be me,

no addition, or substraction,

just as is.


Love, living its own life,

accepting and inclusive, 

raw and alive, 

mutual dance, with spontaneity,

waiting, for synchronicity,

taking each day, as it comes,

being in the moment,

watching tendencies, to autopilot, 

enjoying, the moment,

with little, micromanagement. 


Love, revealing itself,

shining light, on way of life,

insignificant, or significant,

no fear, getting it wrong,

nothing needed, nothing missing,

nothing to gain, nothing to lose,

surrender, free-falling, 

letting go, not knowing, 

freedom, paradoxically nourishing.


Love, maintaining itself, 

stress and tension, not error,

deep calling deep, exhorting pressure,

humpy dumpy, sat on the wall, 

pull the rug, under the feet,

free fall, never seen coming,

out of comfort zone, into the abyss,

show and tell, of the limitless.

Love never comes, and goes,

love is not, performance,

love is, our true nature,

love is not, what we have,

we and the whole world, is love.


Relative and absolute, are not dual,

intertwined, not different at all.

discern ideas, inclusiveness abound,

synchronicity, all around.


Listen with your heart, separation is a myth, 

never separation, differentiation only,

unity expressed, in diversity,

simplicity to complexity, relational relativity, 

concealed in matters, love is a riddle.


A glimpse, of a waltz,

extraordinary, with the ordinary,

infinite, with the finite,

divinity, with humanity,

the falling of the scales, from the eyes, 

indispensable to love, all diversity,

those, who are not worthy, 

those, with different point of views,

those, who do not reciprocate, 

those, who don't measure up.


Hook the body, to the MRI,

physiological exhibit,

profound energy shift,

from restricted to spacious,

brain heart rhythm, coherence,

the law of inevitability,

dominos effect at work,

shift of energy in the body,

shift of perceptions,

shift in response to situations.


The realms of the absolute, 

void of thinking mind,

imaginary and tangible,

not dual, neither single,

considered separate, but whole.


Realms of infinite and finite, not dual,

separated only, by veil of ignorance, 

living with manifest, flirting with non manifest,

phenomenal freedom, life to experiment,

being fully human, by embracing the divine.


This infinite being, the love

affected not by causality, 

sometimes pervading,

mostly at the background,

watching and transcending,

aware of the mundane,

always witnessing.


Not moved, by polarities,

being different, not erroneous,

not in any urge, to judge.

clarity and confusion, are not two, 

merely balancing elements,

confusion, masquerades clarity,

ordinary dancing with extraordinary, 

wrap and weft of life,

full of beauty and grace,

arises and subsides,

neutralize by love.


This infinite being - the love,

unexplainable, in utterance,

in actual direct experience,

at a deeper level, resides in me, not

not anyone to convince, albeit.


Yet love, naturally flowing,

from deep within, wisdom outpouring,
imparts tranquility, to the weary,

knowing self, is a mystery, 

being in control, not security,

bridging the gap, not indemnity,

figuring out, not immunity,

be in the timeless now, rest fully,

what you have, is as good as it gets,

there is a method, to life's madness.


Love is one, and the same,

formless, but not motionless,

for the sake of, expression,

and for lack, of a better word,

let's call it, pure intelligence, 

let's call it, spacious,

let's call it, awareness.


Didn't, I kind of hint, 

it was going to be hard,

for a conditioned mind,

for a three-dimensional focused,

to be able to comprehend.


At a microscopic level,

the body disappears,

left only a community of cells,

connected with everything else,

as per, quantum physics, 

cells, not independently exist, 

assemblies of biomolecules,

molecular structures, sub-atomic entities,

information field excitation.


At the absolute level,

no doer, just doing

no seer, just seeing

no lover, just loving

no relationship, just relating 

no otherness, just oneness,

yet love, in its infinite wisdom,

concealed matter, disguised in life,

what you think, you see,

none fundamental, utter appearance, 

eyes bewitched, ears mesmerized, 

by a hologram of virtual reality.


So love, what are you?

Who are you?

Where do you live?

Stay not forever, in the shadow, 

say something, anything.

Are you conditional?

Are you unconditional?

Which one are you?

Does it really matter?

The answer, never in words!




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