Love Peace Joy - ፍቅር ደስታ ሰላም


Love . . .


Why Love? Because, it works!


I have learned to love myself; the secret of being content with who I am and the things around me.


I have also learned to pay attention to my ideas and respect my own ideas regardless; looking to my own conscience for that approval - 'ecstasy'.


I have also learned to take each day as it comes and make a conscious effort to love my neighbors without trying to change them to fit my mold, but let them be. BUT, at times when unconditional love is not enough, I have also learned to apply tough love, which works wonders. It's also important to remember that all the above are but a journey and not a destination.


Loving self or people are a choice and it's also very empowering to know that we have a God given ability just to do that. We know the saying, "Love is not something you feel, it's something you do." The teachings of Jesus' kind of love also implies loving self and people, who we think of not worthy of our love.


By the way, "Letting an injustice go by or accepting a wrong is not forgiveness." The late Marin Luther king Jr. said, “Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.”


Self-love Vs. selfish


A self-condemning conscious wouldn't possibly grasp the freedom of guilt free self-love.

Actually there’s no different per se, except in our mind. Yes, our mind. If only we could train our mind [our subtle condemning nagging inner talks who imply that we’re being selfless whenever we do good or exceptional things to ourselves] that it’s perfectly okay; then we’re free on our way to loving self.


It comes easy and not a burden to love someone when you have a reservoir of love in you. I know it’s easy to focus on the outside and think that someone from the outside condemned you, but be assured that nothing gets to you unless you allow it. What I am trying to say is that please pay attention to your inner talk.


Looking for Love in all the wrong places?

For some of us well-meaning folks who look acceptance, love, approval and recognition etc. (which are a necessary part and parcel of life) in all the wrong places like especially we the Eve species from them Adam species – I have one thing to say (ላም ባልዋለበት ኩበት ለቀማ)


What I am trying to say here is that let’s cut our oblivious - poor men some slack and find that - whatever we're craving from self. Meaning train your mindset to be fulfilled with what’s in you (reservoir of all goodness) instead of running around looking outside of you. I mean, let's admit it - most men are pathetically clueless when it comes to women.


Shalom (Peace)


We know the saying, “Peace is not the absence of conflict, but a resolution to cope with the conflict at hand.” But how do you get to that place called the land of resolute?  One sure fire way to resolute knowledge is that you’re OK in the mist of it all.


A KNOWLEDGE (wisdom) that emerges from your inner being (guts or bowel) and garners enough energy to influence your rattled mind; pacify the unsubstantiated emotions like fear, anger, condemnation etc. brewing in you and reinstate confidence in you;  which is often referred as “the Peace that surpass your understanding.”


Dr. Michael D. Gershon in his book [The Second Brain: The Scientific Basis of Gut Instinct and a Groundbreaking New Understanding] has managed to demystify some of the gut knowledge by offering fascinating proof that "gut instinct" is biological and the human gut actually has a brain of its own.  In his remarkable scientific breakthrough, Dr. Gershon said, “While it’s true that the brain can affect the behavior of the bowel, the gut can also manage to get along without hearing from the brain, since only one to two thousand nerve fibers connects the brain to the hundred million nerve cells in the small intestine." 


Joy (Happiness)


So they say, "Happiness is a choice"!

Is it really . . .?


HAPPINESS is the ultimate fuel of life, meaning when we are in a happy mood, our brain induces focus and clarity that we could create our reality instead of stumbling into creation by default.


Joy and happiness coexist with misery - worry as two sides of a coin. A fine line called "Mrs. /Mr. Fear" creates a divide or a wall between joy and misery.


Fear is nothing more than our accumulated past experiences of prejudices, which we rely on making decisions on a daily basis to avoid certain things in life.


Unless we consciously choose to cross that fine line, we'll never know what is beyond. Instead of fighting the feeling of fear, focusing on our inner talk by being present 'living in the moment' is one of the best ways to navigate through this fine line.


Fear by itself is not the enemy, but not embracing and calmly trending and releasing the so called bad emotions which accompany "Mrs./Mr. Fear" like self-hate (condemnation), shame, guilt, anger, offense is.


Even though, at times, fear is so subtle that it present itself as a vanguard and protector of our long held values and beliefs, actually what we're defending is that wall. After all we have been protecting and defending that wall for so long, it became as a stronghold. Breaking that stronghold in our mind is crossing that fine line, which sometime referred as navigating through the uncharted territory (uncertainty).

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