Let Your Kingdom Come . . .

We pray that 'let your kingdom come and your will be done here on earth, the same as in heaven'.


But, do we know that Kingdom living is not merely living the good life filled with good deeds, but also maintaining that inner balance such as peace, joy, love, etc.


The rationale that acquiring material possessions that we could gathers in quantity and quality; that the harder we work, the more we would have and the greater would be the testimony of God's goodness and favor in our life is not totally in line with kingdom teachings of Jesus.


Embracing the concept of that fine tuning into both being and doing with little judgement also helps to recognize that, there is a lot more to "Who We Really Are" than meets the eye.


As a final note . . . 


In this passing world, few things are the absolute truth carved in stone. We learn as we go and there is always more to learn.


What we believe or know today may change in time. The information we haven't understood at some point makes sense later on and will be key information.


What’s more, "Kingdom Living or Purposeful Living", which the Lord has promised is attainable, while we are still here on this planet called Earth, which is more about being than doing.


Jesus’ teachings are well over 2,000 years old.

Yet even in today’s fast-moving society, His Word is relevant to the 21st century as He offers us wisdom, which has the power to transform our lives. 


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