Less is More & Your Thoughts Matter!

When it comes to our well-being, a little change goes a long way, if done consistently.


When we feel down emotionally or physically, a simple thought as “I am well!” or “I have no idea what’s going on!” is the difference between fast recovery or not.


I think, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be healthy, happy and live life well.

I also think that more often than not the solutions, which we fervently look to our so called problems are swirling all around us in the form of subtle ideas provided we are totally present and tuned in the timeless dimension of 'Now’ and also not resistant of the ideas.


No separation between your problems and the solutions, they always coexist amalgamated in disguise to the unconscious soul.

One way to ease into the solutions of the so-called problems are to be in 'the glass is half full’ state of mind. 


Of course, you got to choose to be mindful, which is a skill by itself to be aware of the moment by being fully present..

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