Less is More!


Life's call, a desire for more,

to think is human, but to think incessantly, 

hanging, in looping thoughts,

reject what’s in front, habitually,

not of any great importance, actually.


A blind spot, ignorance the culprit,

lack of interest, oblivious of the present,

reluctant to rest, enjoy the moment,

ready to scape, the motive for thought,

always on-guard, fight or flight,


The splendor of now, for those with eyes,

life at present, as good as it gets, 

the urge for more, always not enough,

worry for tomorrow, fear of unknown,

strategy of mind, the scheme for safety,

uncalled for, unnecessary.


Entertained by dreams, thinking out there,

a chatter mind, loop of desire, 
part of you, chasing the wind,

repetitive stories, made up by mind,
part of you, identified with the stories,

you think and believe, you are the stories.


Life's call, to be raw and alive,

a gratitude for life, to wake up itself,

a wake up call, a slap on the face,

a fleeting cure, for obliviousness.



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