Joy (Happiness) ደስታ

Say no more!

Happiness is what you're made of! 

Happiness is your nature! 

Choose happiness! 

Blame the sense perceptions,

pointing only to the physical, 

as if existence is only the physical.

Sojourners on this planet called Earth,

god knows, we need the sensory organs,

the eyes hypnotized, only to perceive the physical 

the ears trained, only to interpret concepts, 

beliefs and conditionings led us,

to feel the body, only as a solid mass.


Not easy for a chatter mind, to be silent,

habitually functioning, on autopilot.

Go inward, to the heart of experience,

where the incessant chatter resides,

watch the stillness does its magic,

energy shift, relaxing the defense, 

sense persecutions, oblivious before, 

recognize beauty, hidden in nature.


Body's natural fuel, happiness is more,

yin and yang, equilibrium restorer,

energize the body, initiate health,

champion of wellbeing, ultimate healer,

reigns over confusion, give way to clarity,

instead of default, preferred reality,

show the artist, the way to creativity,

bestow tenderness, on a mother,

confer strength, on a father.


Bombarded, by the senses,

attach stories, to all perceptions,

unnecessarily, we overlooked happiness,

tormented ourselves, by repetitive stories,

identified with the stories, 

we believed, we are the stories,

happiness chose, to hide her face,

one of the many reasons.




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