Inner Balance

Inner balance emulates calm, ease, freedom, harmony, focus, clarity, knowing, vitality, resiliency, wholeness, wellness, satisfaction, happiness, excitement, inspiration, contentment, fulfillment, love, trust and self worth laced with exquisite, which implies that when our center of emotional gravity is ingrained within us, where it belongs  and not outside of us,

  • We acknowledge the profound aspect of our self-worth and act toward our innate desire instead of reacting to our wants, meaning we acquire love and respect for self enough to let go double-mindedness.  
  • We act toward people instead of reacting and be secured enough to tolerate dissent. 

Being aware of what’s in our mind (like catching ourselves swamp in thinking about the past or the future and not conscious enough about the moment) leverages us to be genuinely sure of ourselves, which pacifies our inner-chatter to listen to dissents, look for points of agreement and compromise to get things done. If our self-worth is also not tied up with people liking us, we might turn their criticism to learning opportunity. 

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